fixes the smart way

Fixing things the smart way

During development I’m constantly applying small fixes to my code. It could be anything from improving some comments, simplifying some conditional statements, or doing a small refactoring like extracting some lines into a simple method. Most of the time these small fixes end up either in small commits that dilute the git history or in commits that have a completely different focus and thus dilute the change set of those commits. But there is a better way to incorporate those kind of changes into your codebase.

The Power of Planning: Elevating Software Quality

The topic of planning in software development is a contentious one. Some argue that software is inherently too intricate to plan accurately, prompting the question of whether planning is even worthwhile. It’s not uncommon to see Agile methodologies being used as a shield to avoid planning. For instance, teams claim, “We focus only on the[…]