Hi, my name is Sebastian nice to meet you

What I do

Things I do at work or at my free time


For almost 20 years I have been developing web applications from small business websites to big enterprise applications with millions of users. Most of the time by using PHP.


A lot of the tools I use in my daily work are open source. Therefor I feel obligated and privileged at the same time to give something back by contributing to open source projects or creating new ones.

Atlassian Tools

Over the past couple of years I became an expert in using and administrating Atlassian JIRA, Confluence and Bitbucket. Supporting others to use these tools efficientley is now part of my day job.

Speaker & Coach

As often as possible I try to speak at user groups and conferences or to do coachings with developers to improve there skills in writing maintainable and testable code and deploying it.

First, solve the problem, then write the code

I’m currently working at CHECK24, a big consumer portal in Munich Germany, coaching developers to write better code.

When I’m not writing code myself or reading books about code I try to spent as much time on a board as possible. Whether it is a skateboard, a surfboard or a snowboard - any of these are fine for me.

In my free time I'm also contributing to open source, especially two projects I created named CaptainHook and phpbu. If you are interested you can have a look at the phpbu or the CaptainHook website.

I try not to miss any of the PHP or Atlassian user group meetings in Munich and to get involved with the awesome PHP community by speaking at webinars user groups or conferences as often as possible. You find a list of past and future talks here.

  • Development

    I love that there is always a way to better yourself.

  • Open Source

    Creating and using open source software is awesome.

  • Atlassian Tools

    JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket or Bamboo you name it.

  • Speaker & Coach

    I like to teach others about the stuff I know and love.

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